“An anti-Semitic contamination is now worldwide. This sad truth is brilliantly evoked in Gabriel Schoenfeld’s important study. Based on factual analysis, penetrating insight and personal experience, The Return of Anti-Semitism is necessary reading for anyone concerned with what is rightly called ‘the oldest group bias’ in recorded history.” —Elie Wiesel

“Gabriel Schoenfeld exposes one of the most disturbing new trends in world politics today, the return of a kind of anti-Semitism that has not been seen on a similar scale in two generations. Anyone wishing to understand the problems in the relationship between Europe and America today should read this book.” —Francis Fukuyama

“Authoritative and comprehensive, Gabriel Schoenfeld's The Return of Anti-Semitism succeeds masterfully in connecting the new anti-Semitism to its historical roots. This book is necessary reading for anyone seeking to understand the causes of our troubled world predicament today.” —Natan Sharansky

“Who should read this hair-raising book? Government officials, foundation executives, human rights advocates, university professors, high school teachers, pollsters, publishers, journalists, headline and caption writers, religious leaders, members of arts and letters academies, readers of literary reviews, intellectuals of every political persuasion. What will they learn? That these days, the promulgation of anti-Semitism begins not in the streets (though it thrives there), but within society’s most elevated stratum. The Return of Anti-Semitism, Gabriel Schoenfeld’s scrupulously documented chronicle of the contemporary rise of an old disease, invites urgent attention and honest introspection.” —Cynthia Ozick